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At Digitize the Memories, we specialize in digitizing services to preserve your favorite memories. Digitize the Memories is part of a co-op of five independent companies, providing you extended services, state-of-the-art equipment access, and knowledgeable professionals working together to give you the best tailored service that fits your project at an affordable price.

DIGITIZE THE MEMORIES specializes in: Photo/Negative Scanning, Montages, Video Filming/Editing, Graphic Arts/Cover Art, Cassette, Record, Audio Reel to Reel, and VHS Transfers. Call Jennifer at (801)361-1160. Click her for Personal Legacy Videos information. Click here for video samples. Click here for video montage samples. Click here for cover art samples.

YOUR APP AND WEB specializes in: Web Site and App Development. Call Jennifer at (801) 361-1160. To view the Your App and Web Website go to www.YourAppAndWeb.com.

TIA SORENSEN specializes in: Audio Recording, Voice Overs, Books on Tape!. Call Tia at 801-372-4473 or e-mail her at tiasorensenvo@gmail.com. To view her website go to www.tiasorensen.com

BRUNSON BROTHERS MEDIA GROUP specializes in: CD/DVD duplication and replication. For the Provo office, call Arlan at (801) 636-4849. For the Salt Lake office call, ROSE PETAL RECORDS at (801) 274-9953.

LANCE MONTGOMERY specializes in: Restoring and sweetening audio. Using sophisticated professional restoration software used in high-end productions, almost nothing is impossible to fix when it comes to damaged or blemished audio recordings. Call Lance at (949)683-4336. www.lancemontgomery.com/audio

Physical Location in Springville, UT
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