Record Transfers

Have a favorite record album that you can’t bear to part with? Digitize it so that you may preserve and continue to enjoy it. We use ProTools Software to transfer your records to CD with a special technology that greatly reduces or rids the extraneous noises from your records. Along with the transfer and audio clean up, we also separate each song onto its own track on the CD.

Please be aware that CDs can have up to 78 minutes of audio recorded on them. Record recordings longer than that time will be transfered to two or more CDs.

We also have the capability of transferring 78 speed records.

If you would like copies of the master CD or DVD, we can make additional copies for $1.00 per CD/DVD. We can also create sticker labels for the CDs/DVDs. Black and white labels are an additional $1.00 per label. Full color labels are an additional $2.00 per label. Or, if you would like to have the label printed onto the DVD (50 quantity order minimum) click here to see the CD/DVD Duplication & Replication page.

If you have additional questions or have items that do not fit the descriptions listed below, please call us and we will be happy to help you.

Digitize The Memories: Jennifer 801-361-1160

Record Transfer Pricing
Price Per Record
2 - 5
6 - 10
11 +